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Northeastern Section of the AUA.

The Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association, Inc.

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2019 - 2020

ByLaws Committee

  • Jean Volny Joseph, MD (Committee Member)
  • Jodi Maranchie, MD (Committee Member)
  • Alp Sener, MD,PHD (Committee Member)

Development Committee

  • David Anthony Corral, MD (Chair)
  • Frank J. Costa, MD (Committee Member)

Health Policy Committee

  • Ronald Paul Kaufman, Jr., MD (Chair)
  • David Mois Albala, MD (Committee Member)
  • Louis A. D'Agostino, MD (Committee Member)
  • Willie Underwood, III, MD,MPH,MSC,FACS (Committee Member)

Investment Committee

  • Darren T. Beiko, MD (Chair)
  • Kenneth Tony Pace, MD,MSc,FRCSC (Committee Member)
  • J.C. Trussell, MD (Committee Member)

Judicial Committee

  • Joel Byron Nelson, MD (Committee Member)
  • Hassan Razvi, MD (Committee Member)
  • D. Robert Siemens, MD (Committee Member)

Nominating Committee

  • Timothy David Averch, MD (Chair)
  • Kevin Pranikoff, MD (Historian)
  • Kenneth Tony Pace, MD,MSc,FRCSC (President)
  • Badar Munir Mian, MD (President-Elect)
  • Jodi Maranchie, MD (Secretary)
  • Darren T. Beiko, MD (Treasurer)
  • D. Robert Siemens, MD (Past President)
  • Gerald Sufrin, MD (Past President)

Program Committee

  • Robert James Hamilton, MD, MPH (Co-Chair)
  • Yonah Krakowsky, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Kenneth Tony Pace, MD,MSc,FRCSC (President)
  • Ashley Cox, MD, MSc, FRCSC (Committee Member)
  • Teresa L. Danforth, MD (Committee Member)
  • Melise A. Keays, MD (Committee Member)
  • Michael Ordon, MD (Committee Member)
  • Premal Patel, MD (Committee Member)
  • Nathan I. Perlis, MD (Committee Member)
  • Oleg Shapiro, MD (Committee Member)
  • Paul Jeremy Toren, MD, PhD, FRCSC (Committee Member)
  • Michelle Jo Semins, MD (Past Chair)
  • Jodi Maranchie, MD (Secretary)
  • David Anthony Corral, MD (Community Urologist)
  • Andrew Feifer, MD (Community Urologist)

Scholarship Research Committee

  • Michelle Jo Semins, MD (Chair)
  • Bruce L. Jacobs, MD (Committee Member)
  • Girish S. Kulkarni, MD (Committee Member)
  • Jodi Maranchie, MD (Committee Member)
  • Mehdi Mollapour, PhD (Committee Member)
  • Paul Jeremy Toren, MD, PhD, FRCSC (Committee Member)