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2020 Treasurer’s Update

posted: October 28, 2020

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
— Paulo Coelho

Fellow NSAUA Members,

May I boldly submit that you are a brave bunch? After all, you continue to trust me with our Section’s money. Please know it remains a privilege to serve you in this capacity. Despite the uncertain (financial) world we live in—not to mention having me as your Treasurer—we remain open for business.

This year has been uniquely challenging in many ways, and our multinational Section was not spared. The lost revenue from the cancellation of our planned on-site annual meeting in Charlotte and the turmoil in global markets were two major threats to our financial stability. Due to the indefatigable efforts by our management team at WJ Weiser & Associates, led by Samantha Florine, we were able to recover (not insignificant) deposits related to the cancelled in-person annual meeting. Team Weiser’s timely actions, along with the market’s recovery, have brought us back to a $2M non- profit organization.

Given our current healthy financial position, we continue to align our financial decisions with our mission of clinical, educational, research and leadership excellence. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on improving our Section’s financial health, email me at And if you need financial advice, speak to your financial advisor. Thank you.

Darren Beiko, MD, MBA, FRCSC

NSAUA Treasurer