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Message from the President

posted: February 2, 2022

Dear Friends and colleagues,

It is a truly an honor and a privilege to have been selected to be the president of your section. Those who know me well will surely understand that this nomination is a great way to spark my creativity! I have always liked that our small section is inclusive and diverse, allowing ourselves to be part of an innovative process and I certainly wish to promote such aspects during my presidency.

Nevertheless, I must recognize, first and foremost, that those that came before me have done an amazing job. I wish to particularly acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Badar Mian’s and his committee, especially, Dr. Charles Welliver, for having managed to overcome the need to cancel, once again, an in-person meeting and turn it into a great virtual encounter. I also want to recognize the WJ Weiser team for all the agile manoeuvres performed ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Although the Northeastern section managed to create robust virtual opportunities to meet in 2020 and 2021, the board of directors and the management team remain cautiously optimistic that it’ll be safe to meet in person next year! Therefore, Dr Naeem Bhojani has already started planning an amazing scientific program which will feature presentations by distinguished speakers from within and outside the section. The meeting, to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 27-29, 2022, promises to be a fantastic chance to combine great science and meaningful encounters.

So please make plans to attend next year’s annual conference as this will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues from Canada and the United States.

Julie Franc-Guimond, MD
President, NSAUA