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Datta G. Wagle Young Investigator Awards


Badar M. Mian, MD
Badar M. Mian, MD
Albany, NY
This was my first external source of funding which was a tremendous boost to my self-confidence as a researcher. More importantly, receiving this grant inspired a great deal of confidence in my colleagues as to my abilities and commitment to research and academics. Subsequently, I have been able to secure external funding for two 3-year projects, including federal funding. I remain fully committed to research activity in collaboration with four scientists from 3 different departments and have 3 projects submitted for federal funding this year.

It is impossible for me to overstate the importance of the NSAUA Research Scholarship Grant and the role it has played in directing me towards an academic and research career.

I have been involved with the Research Scholarship Program for many years, first as an applicant and then as the Chair of the committee for 3-4 years. It's clear to me that this one-of-a-kind program is unequivocally the most worthwhile venture under taken by the leadership of our section. I would hope this program continues to foster the research interests of young faculty from the NSAUA for decades to come.